In 2000 I had an exhibition of 16 000 paper butterflies installed at Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney. This was the result of finding a single paper cut out butterfly on the floor of Reverse garbage in Marrickville. I took it home duplicated it and was fascinated by the play of light and pattern created by the butterflies and their shadows. The installation “ Float”  began eleven years of acrylic paintings concerned with repetition, pattern, rhythm and movement.

I see my paintings as being an ongoing meditation on cause and effect.

I am not a patient person yet these works are detailed, repetitious and time consuming.

They are a garden bed of ideas and feelings for me.
Sometimes I paint to particular pieces of music letting the sounds effect the placement, other times I work in silence. For me they are like a platform, a window, a reflection, a journey, an exploration. Like the little vibrating cells of our bodies that are “us”. Small things making big things. Particles. Illusions. Optical vibrations. Dormant energy. 

Echoes of light in darkness.
My works are not aboriginal. But I can see that stylistically it is easy to link the two.

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platform series 60"x24"