Lesson plans


This is a great end of term project.  Targets - team work, problem solving, structural balance, persistence and will power ie: not eating all your marshmellows before you finish.

Materials: 20 Marshmellows

             20 sticks of fettacini or spagetti

             20 matchsticks

             20 pieces of masking tape


The aim is to build a structure from all materials supplied without letting the marshmellows touch the table. The tape is not to be used to secure structure to table.  I give the kids twenty to thirty minutes to do this. You can do it in groups of two or three  or if its more suitable to your students  let them do it as individuals.  I start with a no eating policy  but remind students that when they are finished and have washed their hands they can have a few clean marshmellows. 

This was a big challenge for some kids  a real brain starter...which is what it's meant to be...some got right into it  others needed a little inspiration to not give up.

After construction was finished we moved onto stage two. Drawing the constructions...each child drew each construction. A great lesson in observation. The drawings were fabulous. Kids really enjoyed this and felt very proud of their creations and ability to solve the problem of this sticky construction.